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M3-Patient Experience

Revolutionary Advanced Technology

M3-Patient Experience on iOS, Android , PC, and Mac

M3 Patient Experience - Align Patient Expectations

M3 Patient Experience continuously monitors, measures, and assists front-line leadership with maximizing patient retention and patient loyalty.

M3's service-recovery functionality equips front-line managers with timely, actionable patient feedback, allowing them to create and sustain a culture of service excellence .

Physicians, front-line support staff and other decision makers receive comprehensive reporting , on-line, identifying outstanding performance and service improvement opportunities .

M3-Patient Experience

How it Works

How it Works Graphic
Patients take the practice's M3 survey from their computer or compatible mobile device. M3 technology transforms the results, sends applicable alerts and provides real-time reporting. Practice leadership receive email alerts and access M3 reporting 24/7. Practice managers are delivered actionable information and execute an immediate positive change.

M3-Patient Experience

Powerful and Proven

M3 Reporting Screnshots

M3's real-time reporting improves or sustains the highest levels of customer service. Your practice manager will be able to:

M3-Patient Experience

Valid and Reliable

M3 questions Are Presented Separately, Maximizing Statistical Validity & Reliability.

Patient feedback is captured electronically, eliminating manual survey tabulation. Survey results are delivered real-time via GPSMapping®, MedicalGPS' Business Intelligence Solution.
  • Survey same day as patient visit
  • Surveys each segment of the patient's experience
  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • 94.7% Completion Rate

M3-Patient Experience

We've got you covered, nationwide.

M3-Patient Experience USA Saturation

M3-Patient Experience Coverage

50 States and District of Columbia

  • Touching more than 1,500,000 patients annually
  • Serving over 7,000 physicians and other healthcare providers
  • Enabling 2,500+ practice managers to improve customer service and maximize patient loyalty

* M3-Patient Feedback by Zip Code

M3-Patient Experience

Going Far Beyond Ordinary Patient Satisfaction Surveys

M3-Patient Experience is one of many products and services offered by MedicalGPS, delivering patient feedback since 1995. Founded by Marty Hudson and Jerry Stone, MedicalGPS, LLC Group Practice Solutions have been field tested in healthcare organizations nationwide and deliver measurable results.

MedicalGPS holds significant ownership in Core Business, LLC, our information technology company. Core Business has provided exclusive support and creative processes behind MedicalGPS technology since 2003.

Unique to MedicalGPS' service and product offerings is GPSMapping, MedicalGPS' proprietary business intelligence information system. Developed entirely by Core Business, GPSMapping harvests raw data from source systems and delivers actionable information to the fingertips of decision makers. GPSMapping is the business intelligence application supporting M3-Patient Experience capturing data and delivering secure, real-time results to practice leadership.

Contact MedicalGPS to schedule a live demonstration of M3-Patient Experience via email at or call 615.467.6338.

M3-Patient Experience - Going Far Beyond Ordinary Patient Satisfaction Programs!

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