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M3 Advocate - Physician Reputation Management

M3 Advocate - Physician Reputation Management

MedicalGPS' physician reputation management software as a service (SaaS), M3-Advocate® , allows physician practices to increase social media reviews AND improve social media ratings. The vast majority of physicians utilizing M3-Advocate find 90%+ of their social media reviews are 5-Star ratings after deploying M3-Advocate®.


M3-Advocate® obtains continuous patient feedback from patients utilizing M3-Patient Experience®. As patients provide same-day or next-day feedback regarding their most recent office experience an analysis of the patient experience is performed using M3-Advocate algorithms, resulting in an Advocacy Quotient - a measure of the practice's level of patient loyalty. Through extensive research examining each aspect of the patient experience MedicalGPS understands what the key 'touch-points' are of the patient experience that fosters patient loyalty -- loyalty at the highest level -- advocate-loyalty. Patients that qualify as 'advocate-loyal' are identified, sent a warm expression of appreciation for choosing your practice as their healthcare provider, and invited to leave a review of their most recent office experience on major social media sites such as HealthGrades, Vitals, Google+ and others.

How M3 Advocate Works

Communicating with Patients:

Approximately 48 hours post the advocate-loyal patient submitting their M3-Patient Experience assessment, the M3-Advocate system sends a personal email invitation directly to the patient advocate over the attending provider's signature block, usually sent "From:" the office manager or a member of administration.

Accessing the M3-Advocate® Dashboard:

Current M3 clients simply login to M3-Patient Experience as usual, on-line, on-demand 24/7/365.

Practice Managers, Managers of Practice Operations, Clinical Coordinators, and other key M3-Patient Experience end-users with admin-level access rights to M3- Patient Experience will find a new link that reads, "(M3-Advocate)", located on the end-users "Manage Surveys" page. Click the "(M3-Advocate)" link to access/manage M3-Advocate information for your practice and providers.

Continuous Improvement:

Once set in place, the M3-Advocate physician reputation management system is set to run continuously and automatically, allowing all patient feedback coming in and through the practice's M3-Patient Experience database to be monitored. As 'advocate-loyal' patients are identified they are invited to leave social media reviews.
Social media invites are limited to not more than one (1) invite per unique patient during any given three-month period.

Setting the Baseline:

M3-Advocate is programmed to monitor certain social media web sites, as prescribed by the M3-Advocate client, gathering the number of social media reviews and the average ratings for each practice and/or provider. Baseline social media measures are established at the practice and/or provider level prior to sending the first round of invitations to 'advocate-loyal' patients and made available from within the M3-Advocate physician reputation management reporting dashboard, accessed on-line 24/7, similar to other M3-Patient Experience® analytics. Periodically (usually once every week) M3-Advocate gathers updated social media data, compares the updated data to the baseline measures, and calculates the variance. Both the increased number of reviews, and, in the vast majority of cases, the improvement in the provider's and/or practice's social media ratings are shown and may be obtained as part of M3-Advocate on-line reporting.

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